Looking for a dimmer switch to dim zwave and hue

Hi there,
I’m looking for dimmer switch and was hoping to find some advice here.
I’ve got few fibaro zwave dimmers that control roller blinds and lights and hue lights all connected to homeassistant and need an actual dimmer switch to control them when I don’t want to do it with voice.

Ideally looking for a company that produces 1,2 and 3 gang dimmers of similar style, that work on batteries rather than from mains so I can just glue them to the wall. The only function needed is to send signals to the hub such as: switch on/of, dim up/down.

There is homeassistant in the smart home set up so the technology used (zwave, WiFi,ZigBee,etc) doesn’t matter.

Could someone advice any good dimmers please or where to find them? If not am I doing something completely wrong with my set up?


not that I could answer your specific questions but you could always use any dimmer switch that is compatible, eg even the Hue dimmer switches and just use an automation to get them to do what ever you want - eg if button 1 pressed do this … there is a minor delay in processing but this generally works as well …you can even use things like a amazon dash button to do that … just some idea …

Thanks for this.
Yeah I guess I’m looking for something like dash button but more like dimmer.


By the way how can i use hue dimmer switch to cotrol my fibaro zwave dimmer given they both connected to HA? If there is a solution would be great to avoid ifttt.

again, as previously mentioned via automations - you basically look for input on the hue switch as the trigger and have it create an action on the fibaro one …