Looking for a garage door opener hardware

Would it be possible to use a regular Z-Wave shutter switch?

I didn’t find any decent. Can you give me a hand?

Here is my garage opener:

You can use this device with your opener:


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A shutter won’t work as you expect. A normal switch will do.

Or this one?

Works perfectly with Home Assistant – I had it up and running in less than 15 minutes.

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Doesn’t have too many fans: https://amzn.to/2XBWzq2

This one is working on wifi? I’m looking for a z-wave solution.

Yes, sorry, didn’t read your original posting properly.

I’ve had mine installed for over 2 years, works great.

I’m assuming that the GDopener is the older style that doesn’t run with a rolling code for security.

I tried the GoControl opener when I first started using HA and back then there was a VERY long thread on all the mods needed to get it integrated into OZW. I ended up sending it back and just bought a simple dry contact z-wave switch and a z wave tilt sensor. I got both for less than the cost of the GoControl and it was far simpler to implement in HA. It’s also been working for two years now.

Things may have changed and HA may be able to run the GoControl natively now but make sure you check that before purchasing. Or just go the cheaper and easier route and do what I did.

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It works now natively, the patch was added to the openzwave library HA uses.
Once python-openzwave 1.6 is used we’ll have better functionality on many zwave devices.

Or use a sonoff or any other ESP based device and you’re set for < 20 $

You could do that as well but you’d still need something to give the position feedback.

I added the feedback by putting 2 reed contacts on my gate. One in fully open, other in fully closed. You can do it with only 1 magnet in the closed position too.