Looking for a kind of control center software: Can Home Assistant be a solution?

i just installed hass.io on a Odroid N2 (without +) and after onboarding i need a little bit help.

First of all, i wanted to make sure that HA is what i am looking for.
I live for rent, so there is and will not be much to control yet.

Now I have and wanted to start with some IKEA Tadfri lights, Sonos Speakers and a Tasmota Wlanswitch.

First of all I would like to control all these by the HA-app (iOS) and then to automate some things.

Does this case fits to HA or am i wrong choosing HA in this case?

This is exactly what HA is for. Look on the integration page. You can find the link at the top this page and just follow the instructions to setup Ikea Trådfri, Sonos and how to add a tasmota device. The first two such be quiet easy, the last one you will need to search this forum and/or search the web on how to. Welcome to the community :grinning:

Thank you very much for this warm kind of welcome!

So i will go on and start a new thread for the tasmota device.


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