Looking for a PoE or USB powered temperature sensor, that communicates via thread, zigbee, ethernet, or USB

I want to add a temperature sensor to my rack.

I do NOT want to deal with batteries or use wifi.

I have available:
USB to the Pi hosting home home assistant
ethernet, including PoE

I don’t need a screen on it-- it’ll be 100% out of sight. I just want it to be reliable and measure temperature.


An esp32 of your choice with a dht22 connected, running ESPhome. $5 should cover it id you have an old cellphone charger laying around. More if you need to use POW.

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No wifi wanted by OP. But there are Ethernet esp32s.


True but I included ethernet with wifi because wifi is ethernet, and wifi was not specifically mentioned, but as I said more than $5 if you want POE (…or other wired ethernet…)
I have several ESPhome bluetooth proxies and they all have a dht22 hanging off of them.

Any temperature sensor that uses a CR2023, and then add


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Altough it’s against all you wanted, i’ll still recommend you This xiaomi thermometer/hygrometer. It has BLE connection, but perhaps zigbee version can also be found (do some searching…)
CR2032, replaced once a year or so, extremly accurate, small, cheap (you can find it even cheaper that the one on above link), you don’t need to draw any wires, just position it anywhere you want…
I replaced all my thermo’s with these little models. I have three BT proxies around my house and that’s all i need. Just replace fw with pvvx and you’re done.

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Wifi was specifically mentioned-- as something to avoid :stuck_out_tongue: