Looking for a small always-on speaker (preferably EU plug)

I’d like to be able to play sounds (or mp3s, …) to an always on speaker (low energy consumption preferred). WiFi seems most plausible.

Does something like this exist? I don’t want anything with a microphone so no Google Home or Alexa hardware :slight_smile:

Desired traits:

  • Connected to LAN over WiFi
  • Accepts audio files being sent to it by Home Assistant (automation)
  • Uses mains (preferably EU plug)
  • Always-on

Currently got a Xiaomi Gateway plugged in but that one is limited to its internal sounds and AFAIK you can only upload one mp3 to it?

I have a speaker connected to a rpi where it houses the mp3 files.
I send a http request to the rpi and it plays a specific mp3 like “Warning, the garage door remains open” thought the AUX connected speaker.
All triggered by an automation that checks for such events.

If that’s what you’re looking for I posted on this setup as my first posts.
I’m sure there’s an easier way to do but this is what the community replied with and it does work.
if so…

I had whole home audio setup. Basically stereo amps with Chromecast audios

amp right channel to room1 with CC connected mono
amp left channel to room2 with CC connected mono
I would play music to CC but also had ability to send announcement/doorbell sound using HA

Chromecast not needed however. RasPi may be used as source with VLC used to playback. You could even install hass.io in RasPi and use api to control it with Main HA instance.

Currently I use Alexa and custom component for announcement and doorbell. No amp needed since it’s built in

Cheap amp and speaker pair can be purchased for <$150 USD. Actually this would be pretty good quality. $100 is about least I would go.

Never considered but Alexa need mic for voice but it is possible remove mic and just control/announcement through HA and phone app. This is actually cheapest option.

Does it really have to be wifi? What about a bluetooth speaker? If it is too far from your HA machine, pair it with a raspberry pi zero.

sonos one. there are a lot of good deals on this one these days.

Doesn’t need to be WiFi, BT could work as well, good point. Basically as long as it has connectivity and can receive audio to play it’s OK.

Sonos One is a bit above my Home Automation budget at this moment :slight_smile: 200+ euros for a speaker is a bit much.

@Skye did you manage to find any suitable speaker in the end? I am looking for the same thing - a simple wireless outlet speaker for TTS announcements - no battery, always on, just plug-in to wall power outlet. I found two products matching the requirements, but neither of them is sold anymore. Thanks!

In the end I used a pi1 with Dietpi and a small Jabra speaker I had laying around. The pi powers the speaker and audio is sent over BT (the 3.5mm jack output of the pi1 is too noisy).

Have you taken the ESP Mouse Lux into consideration? It has been introduced by the officials in their episode: Let's get loud! – Audio in the Open Home - YouTube

I saw that one, but I was looking for something even smaller that can be directly plugged into a wall outlet (without a battery). But it certainly seems like a good option in terms of ease of setup. It would be great if there was a product like this, but instead of a siren, it would be a TTS speaker.

Sorry - cannot open your link - I am in the wrong country :smile:
But I have not seen a device as described yet.

If you can send your tts via Bluetooth, you could try this one here for 75€

or this one for 35€

The cheaper one looks interesting, but I think it will turn off after a while. The description says:

automatic stand-by after approx. 2.5 minutes of inactivity