Looking for a small size battery powered switch

I have some plants in jars with lights that are turned on/off by unscrewing the jar lid and toggling the power. The power comes from a button cell battery.
I’d like to replace this with something I can switch remotely, but as the jar is normally closed running a wire to it is not an option. So I’m looking for something that I could fit in the lid of the jars (about 6.5cm diameter) that’s not visible from the outside (max height about 1.5cm), powered by a battery and able to be switched remotely (Matter, BLE, WiFi, Zwave, Zigbee, whatever works).
Does anyone know of something that could do this? I tried searching for a switch, but that just gets me lots of wall switches, maybe the search term is wrong. An ESP seems to be too power hungry, but I might be wrong about that, as I’ve never used one.