Looking for a smart 5-6" downlight. NOT recessed light. Must connect to J-box

Not even sure if these are called canned lights or recessed lights, or something else. But is there smart versions of them.

I do NOT want a smart light switch.


Hue makes them as well.

Your question is a bit vague.

Do want to replace the entire light or just the bulb? If you want new lights and they should fit the current holes, then a diameter of the hole might be important. If you just want new bulbs, then a socket type is needed.
What connectivity do you want? WiFi, Matter, ZigBee, Z-wave or some other protocol?
What smart features are you looking for?
Just on/off or also dimming and/or color changing?


I think I’d need to replace the entire light. Current hole when I remove the actual light is about 4" diameter.

Either Z for connectivity.

On/off and color.

The requirement of color limits it a bit.
The best way then is to get a lamp with a GU10 socket and then use bulbs like Philips Hue GU10, which is ZigBee.

So literally the only smart downlight I can find is there Lumary (Tuya) downlight. But they keep on losing connection. And my router is about 10ft away clear sight, so its not a signal strength issue.

Lumary makes zigbee versions but those are only available in recessed lighting. I need disk lighting as the only thing above there to mount to is the electrical box itself. (Unless i tear apart the fake ceiling which I want no part of)



Thanks for the links but all those are too big. I should have been more specific, I need small ones, like 5 or 6" OD ( I have a 3.5" J-box that the light must attach to). All those are big ones meant to light an entire room.

The search continues…

It is a tricky one.
I can only find a white dimming Zigbee lamp that small.

Thanks for the effort @WallyR. Definitely a tricky size to find