Looking for a space heater compatible with HA

I decided to buy a space heater but I am yet to find a good way to go.
So far the best/easiest solution I can find is Govee heaters with HomeBridge but still have some caveats.
Could anyone shed some light and share your successful projects? Thanks!

Here is a list of options considered:

  • Option 1: Dumb heater with smart plug

    • :+1: Cheap
    • :-1: Safety concern
    • :-1: No advanced settings (e.g. speed, oscillation)
  • Option 2: Dumb heater with IR remote + Broadlink IR Universal Remote

    • :+1: Local
    • :-1: Cannot query device state
    • :-1: (Not sure) May not be able to decode advanced settings
  • Option 3: Govee heaters + Bluetooth

    • :+1: Local
    • :+1: May need extra hardware if far from Raspberry Pi
    • :-1: (Not sure) Require low-level coding
    • :-1: (Not sure) May not be able to decode advanced settings
  • Option 4: Govee heaters + Official API

    • :+1: Official supported
    • :-1: Cloud-only
    • :-1: Rate-limiting API
    • :-1: (Not sure) Cannot query device state
  • Option 5: Govee heaters + HomeBridge

    • :+1: No low-level coding
    • :+1: Can query device state
    • :-1: Cloud-only
    • :-1: Rate-limiting API
    • :-1: Need to set up HomeBridge

I’m not quite sure how much useful info you can get from a space heater. I would think that the best information available would be the power draw of the heater, and the temperature of the room. The power draw can be easily had from the plug adapter, and the temperature should be collected from a distance.

As far as safety, several units have “over heat protection” as well as “tip over protection”.

I came across this post hoping to find someone who found a good space heater that works well with a smart plug. I want to be able to set the space heater to 70F but have that setting retained between smart plug power cycles. I currently have a space heater with a thermostat, but it is a twisty knob with no numbers that is not very consistent.

I have a smart plug Zwave which has tripped a few times and I think is dead now even though the plug is rated for heater wattage.

I’m in the same boat.

I’m curious: Why is option 1 (dumb heater and a smart switch) less safe?

This is working fine for me: Philips CX5120/11 + philips-airpurifier-coap ( + Smart Plug to measure power draw for no specific reason)

Initially I was similarly concerned with the safety of option 1. So I am using a power monitoring smart plug with a cheap little space heater with basic tip safety switch. Not sure what other safety features it might have, if any. Heater plugged into smart plug plugged into wall outlet.
I have the plug set up so if the power draw is over 9 amps then it shuts off the power to the heater. The plug can handle 15A and I never use more than 7.5.

Obviously, don’t do something you think may be unsafe. But in my case, I’m staying below 75% of the plug’s capacity so I’m comfortable with it.

Although, that doesn’t help much with desired temp or any controls other than on or off…