Looking for a specific keypad/switch/scene controller supporting dry contact/modbus

Hi there!

I’m in the process of building a new house and i’m nearing the end of the planning stage for what will be a pretty hefty smart home project. I’m looking for a switch/keypad that looks similar to Lutron’s Palladiom keypad, Leviton Decora style switches or Zooz ZEN32 scene controler. Now here comes the difficult part: It has to support low voltage (<24V) wired protocols, preferably modbus or dry contacts(?). So no latch switch as it won’t be connected to mains but directly to a PLC.

I’ve found some touch switches running on modbus over RS485 marketed for hotels on Alibaba and tested them out (If there is interest i can write a bit more about them and how it works), but i really don’t like the style and they look cheap while costing a lot IMO. I’m leaning more towards an elegant look.

Now in terms of design i only found switches supporting KNX protocol to be close to what i’m looking but KNX is way above my price range and i want something opensource. Now there is a possibility, albeit i have yet to explore it, to use some sort of KNX converter and integrate only switches into the system. If anyone has any experience with that please let me know.

I’m open to suggestions.


Hi contentcreator. sort of been there done that - have a look at
Wall switches for Aus / NZ / Islands / USA modbus ELV might be an answer?
Regards David.