Looking for a stacked area chart

I’m looking for a stacked area (history) chart to display the power consumption in my house. Each color is a powered device (fridge, PC, TV…) and the areas are added on top of each other so that the top line shows the total sum of power consumption. (X axis is the time)
Did anybody make such a custom card?
Clipboard 1

Did you tried this?

For the total sum you could create a template sensor that adds all the others together.

The other option is Grafana.

This is a stacked bar chart but you can do the same thing with a line chart:

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I think the lines are not stacked, not added. They are in the same manner as in the history graph.

Yes, that’s why he said:

It’s not something that the card does, but you can do the math yourself and the card can display more than 1 item. It’s a work around to your issue, not a full ‘drop you devices into this’ card.

Oh you mean the first graph is sensor.power1, the second graph is sensor.power1+2, the 3rd graph sensor.power1+2+3? Indeed this would be possible. Thank you for the idea.

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