Looking for a template expert!

I just moved and have finally had some time to sit down and restart my journey to setting up a new HA setup in my new home. I have three Yale YRD256 locks that I want to control and although the Keymaster integration does have some of the functionality that I’m looking for, it’s probably WAY overkill and adds a lot more ‘bloat’ to HA than I really want to deal with.

I found another ‘package’ that someone put together and it comes VERY close to what I’m looking for, put I was hoping to hack it a little further to fit my needs…Long story short I need to find a way to parse some information from a Zwave attribute but have NO idea how to tackle this. My goal is to populate existing lock codes that are already set on one of the locks into a sensor.

First, I don’t understand how to retrieve this information from the node itself as I it doesn’t appear to be associated with an entity. I can see the info when I export the device in JSON through ZWAVE2MQTT:

      "id": "19-99-0-userCode-2",
      "nodeId": 19,
      "commandClass": 99,
      "commandClassName": "User Code",
      "endpoint": 0,
      "property": "userCode",
      "propertyName": "userCode",
      "propertyKey": 2,
      "propertyKeyName": "2",
      "type": "string",
      "readable": true,
      "writeable": true,
      "label": "User Code (2)",
      "stateless": false,
      "commandClassVersion": 1,
      "minLength": 4,
      "maxLength": 10,
      "list": false,
      "value": "1234",
      "lastUpdate": 1643764656985,
      "newValue": "1234"

…but I don’t know how to grab the “value” attribute? Any guidance would be GREATLY appreciated!

Chapter “Processing incoming data”