Looking for a way to show / toggle a variable state

Using the input_boolean component, I have created two scenes to set my system into Vacation mode, or Home mode.
I verified that selecting the scene changes the value/state of the variable correclty, I’m not sure how I can display this like a switch or something to make it apparent in the web interface whether I am in vacation mode or note.

One thing I have noticed is that the icons for the motion sensors I have ( such as binary_sensor.stairwell_motion_sensor_4) change when their state changes. Is there a relatively simple way I can have the icon change for the scene change when the variable changes?


  - name: Vacation
      input_boolean.vacation_mode: on

  - name: Home
      input_boolean.vacation_mode: off

If I understand you right, you want a visual representation of your state. The template sensor could be used for that.