Looking for a Wifi Smart Switch

Currently I live in a building that has a common garage door and we got the remotes to open from outside. Also, there is a button from inside where we can open/close the Door.

After some investigation, I noticed the garage door uses a RX board that is powered with 24VDC and, the wires that goes to the internal push button has 5VDC. When the button is pressed, it closes the circuit.

Since I have wifi in my garage, what Id like to do, is to add some kind of switch in parallel with the physical one to be able to use HA to open the garage door.

Worth to mention that the physical push button is far from the board, so would be hard to replace it because I would need to add more wires.
The ideal solution for me is to add the new Smart Switch in the same box as the control board and make this new switch (on/off) to be controlled only through wifi.

I read about the Shelly Plus i4 DC and I wonder if it would solve my problem, but Im open to suggestions.

Here is the schematics that explains what Id like to have:


Most setup with a garage install a relay or esphome into the loop at the motor side to allow control of it through HA. i.e

This is cool and seems it would solve the problem, but Id like a “more ready” solution that works with the 24VDC that I already have.