Looking for a zigbee numpad/keypad?

I’m using a Combee II on my RPi which has Home Assistant running on it, it’s working great with my door sensors and temperature sensors (all zigbee). I’ve set up an alarm with BWalarm, which works fine, but I’d like to get my hands on a zigbee numpad/keypad so that I can just enter the code when I get home or leave the house. But so far all I can find are either devices that aren’t zigbee, or devices that will only work for a specific brand. I just kinda need something with 12 buttons, preferably a numpad.
It’s also because I have family that lives with us and they’re not too handy with the touch screen or the app, it would be much easier for them to use the keypad to enable/disable the alarm.

Let me know your suggestions, thanks.