Looking for a (zigbee) smartplug with energy monitoring

Hi all,

I would like to use a (zigbee) smart plug that can measure energy consumption in addition to the on/off function. I want to use this to create an automation that notifies me when the washing machine is ready and no more energy is used. My current Tuya smart plug only supports on/off.

Which do you recommend?


For the UK market here, I use smartthings plugs and have no complaints, but not sure if they can still be sourced or new replacement manufacturer sells them as haven’t looked recently.

For North America the Sonoff S31 (not the lite version) does this.

Sorry for the incomplete question, but the smart plug must be able to run via zigbee. Not via WiFi. And I am livin in the Netherlands :slight_smile:

I have the Xiaomi and a generic Tuya. Both provide power, that you can easily transform into energy in HA.

Osram (and their new name led-something) and Ikea do not.

Is there a manual somewhere how I can transform power into energy consumption for the Tuya smart plug?

It’s typically done by using the Integration - Riemann Sum Integral integration (now there’s a mouthful) as explained in the Energy integration .

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Try this one:


Looks exactly what I need. Thanks!