Looking for an HA expert! (Will pay for your time! )

Hey there! I have plenty of experience in home automation but am fairly new to HA. I’ve got my system up and running but there are a few tweaks I need done to both the interface and automations. Currently I am struggling to even find documentation on possible solutions and don’t quite have a good enough grasp on everything at the moment to troubleshoot it myself. Unfortunately I don’t have plenty of time at the moment to learn everything myself and I am interested in paying someone (maybe $100 or so) for an hour or so of their time (remotely of course) to help walk me through a few things. If any experts on here are interested in helping me, please let me know.

I honestly believe one hour on youtube is better invested time.
One hour isn’t much in HA scale. So you might aswel spend it for free

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Well I thought so too but it seems that my issues are a possibly a little more obscure. Spent hours on there already but I guess I just do better being taught when I can ask questions to an expert. Couldn’t hurt to ask. Maybe someone wants to make some money with their hobby!

you could always just throw the questions out here and you’ll find that almost everyone will help you for free.

It’s kind of what we do.

Especially if you ask all nice and such. :wink:


I see your point.
I’m not interested in your offer.
Not because I don’t want to help but because it will be hard/stressful to put the level correct where it’s not what you already know and not too hard, and all in one hour.

I understand that you feel you don’t have the time, and I respect that.
But I agree with finity you can get lots of answers here by just asking.
It will be “slower” but I also believe that can be good for learning.

Just pushing knowledge in generally means it’s lost very quickly.

But whichever route you go, good luck on your journey.