Looking for an iOS developer interested in making a native Hass app


With the new API rolled out I am eager to start on dream project of making a native iOS app for Hass. For the past years i’ve Designed and published around 48 iOS games under my company Umbrella Games and from time to time done some side projects designing a few apps.
After getting addicted to Home Assistant I’ve had a dream of making a native Home Assistant app with an iOS developer who shares my passion of Home Assistant.

If you are interested in taking upon a fun side project with me shoot me a PM!



I’m not a developer but I can be a good beta tester :wink:


I know that the current iOS app is a web view with a little extra for tracking, but what are you looking at doing specifically? While I am an iOS (and Mac developer) by day and web views aren’t high on my list, the HA app functions quite well and all the customizations I make using Lovelace are reflected in the app. I have several tabs and all my entities are how I want them.

I did use the Vera API to create a native app https://github.com/sgruby/VeraAutomationSwift for it as I thought the iOS app didn’t meet my needs. At this point, I don’t have a strong desire to do the same with HA (I completely migrated to it) as the mobile version of the website (and the web view) work pretty well.

Just curious.


Lovelace is great and I can do most with it I have a design in my head of the UX flow that I think people would find very neat.


Sounds reasonable. Good luck with your project! (I don’t have the bandwidth to take on another project, sorry.)