Looking for best possible local weather station for homeassistant

Have a check if this :Weather Station for Home Assistant/ ESPHome | Makerfabs

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I saw this and it looks cool but I’m unsure it will hold up to the outside elements and they don’t really provide a power solution, just a usb A out. If it’s outside what are the options for power?

Hi. I’m looking to buy the ws3500 to integrate it to HA. Anyone can told me if the rain sensor is reliable enough to be use to close covers in case of rains, before the windows go completely wet? :sweat_smile:

It still works fine. I didn’t even need to change the battery so far…

Nah, this should be done differently. It is far to slow.

Ok, so the rain detection isn’t fast enough you think… Thanks for the information!

I’m here doing my research before buying hardware and it seems like Sainlogic is a reasonable call, but holy moly is their website hot garbage. The site, the Amazon listings… everything is Engrish and stock photos. I’m just trying to figure out what the difference is between the… three?.. currently available models:

  1. the 835 → seems like a basic station with no wifi/internet
  2. the 835 plus → seems like the same sensors, but you get wifi
  3. the 310 → I have no idea how this differs from the 835 plus

anyone know how to compare and contrast?

For anyone looking, I am using a Bresser Scientific 7-in-1 which if frequently discounted. Decoding is done with the rtl_433 add-on set at 868MHz.
It seems that the pressure sensor is not wireless but inside the base unit. However, one can use an older (flagship) phone for this.
Still looking for a nice card for the data though.

Do you have some sort of 433mHz receiver dongle?

Using an rlt stick set to 868 MHz, working flawlessly but want to switch to a custom decoder

Hello, was you abble to set it up? When i open the application It ask me an API KEY and also APPLICATION KEY. Where I can find it? I tried to generate one in my profile of “Ambient Weather Network”, but it’s doesn’t work. Can some one helo me? Thank you

What I did was used port forwarding to redirect traffic from the device IP address to my custom django webserver which publishes to MQTT. WS-0310 communicates via HTTP and sends unencrypted data to wunderground, so it was easy to decipher it. I started/finished the work today, so I’ll publish the codes in a week or two. Ping me meanwhile if you want an early peep!

GET /weatherstation/updateweatherstation.php?ID=$myuser&PASSWORD=$mypass&indoortempf=82.2&indoorhumidity=63&tempf=84.4&humidity=61&dewptf=69.5&windchillf=84.4&absbaromin=29.77&baromin=29.86&windspeedmph=0.0&windgustmph=0.7&winddir=248&windspdmph_avg2m=0.0&winddir_avg2m=270&windgustmph_10m=0.4&windgustdir_10m=270&rainin=0.0&dailyrainin=0.0&weeklyrainin=0.31&monthlyrainin=0.31&solarradiation=44.26&UV=0&dateutc=2023-12-30%209:0:38&action=updateraw&realtime=1&rtfreq=5& HTTP/1.1

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