Looking for best possible local weather station for homeassistant

I’ve been using a simple, ESP-8266 based DIY weather station for some years now with a (very) custom integration in homeassistant. But as the hardware slowly starts to fail, I am looking for a more professional solution I can simply buy and integrate. So my question here is: Have you any suggestions for a new weather station wich fullfills the following conditions:

  • integration in homeassistant (or HACS, no need to be easy, but reliable) via WiFI / LAN
  • no cloud required (I usually lock all “IOT” devices to local networking)
  • between 80 … 130 €
  • at least the following sensors: temperature, humidity, air pressure, windspeed
  • nice would be the following sensors: wind direction, uv index, solar intensity

The weather station is not requred to run of batteries, I can provide 230V within 1,5 m. Perfect would be a direct WiFi integration, but using a gateway is ok too, if it is included in the price. I do not use ZigBee or something else at the moment.

Hope you might help me!


I just got this a week ago and I absolutely love it. It doesn’t tick all your boxes but it comes close if you want to do comparisons. They have varying levels of this device: Ambient Weather WS-2000 Smart Weather Station with WiFi Remote Monitoring and Alerts https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GRBY9NP/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_i_WDH1TNEVVTT135J3K9B7?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1

Today is the first rainfall, I still only have basic monitoring/automations until I get a little more data and decide what I want visible, how/when:

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Feedback: I finylly bought a Sainlogic WS3500 weather station, wich fullfills all my needs. It can be integrated locally using the ecowitt integration. I blocked WAN access, but it does only access NTP if not asked to do otherwise. Surprisingly low-talking device.


hi, is easy to integrate ws3500 to HA?
i have to install ecowitt on hacs then add integration and find ecowitt?
how does ecowitt comunicate with ws3500?

If found it easy. You have once to use the App (Code on packaging) and add the push-destination (ecowitt). There Github page explains this very clearly.

It works really good! No signal loss, no problem until now.

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the ecowitt looks promising but unfortunately I don’t have my weather station in the same network I have home assistant (the weather station is in another house). is there a way to integrate it through internet? I have my weather station connected to wunderground but I’m not seeing a wunderground integration with HA

This should be possible, by port-forwarding port 4199 from your home assistant server. You will need a dynamoc dns address and use this as hostname in “WS view” app while configuring the weather station.

WARNING: I am not shure if this may be a security risk and did not test this.

Better idea would possibly be a vpn. But harder to configure.

Do you know if you can integrate any Sainlogic weather station using ecowitt? I ask because I’m struggling to find the 3500 but I see a number of other appealing options. The instructions (below) from the sainlogic integration say to use ecowitt devices to integrate without using the cloud, which confuses me since you’re saying you’re using a sainlogic but integrating using the ecowitt integration.

Honestly, if you have a link to specific instructions/information you followed that may clear things up I’d really appreciate that.


Sainlogic units typically use 433.92 MHz to communicate from the station to the LCD display unit. RTL_433 project (there’s an HA add-in for it) has a decoder for this protocol. Give me a few minutes and I’ll get you the details.

Sainlogic WS019T/WS020 weather station is identified as:
153: Cotech 36-7959
in the RTL_433 configuration file. It’s the 153 value you want to include in your RTL-433 configuration json. You’ll also need to update the IP address, port number, username, and password for the MQTT server shown in the second line below.

output  json
output  mqtt://,user=user,pass=pass

frequency   433.92M
protocol    153

How is your weatherstation performing @pascaltippelt ? Are you still satisfied with it?

The tempest weather station from weatherflow ticks all your needs.
I’ve had one for a couple years now, it’s been rock solid, and easy integration into HA locally.

the downside, it’s well over your price, but still wanted to make you aware of it.

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I bought a sainlogic ws0310 and can’t for the life of me figure out how to connect it to HA. their webui has no options for cusotm servers to connect to ecowitt. Can you provide any tips or tricks?

Hi. Tempest looks awesome. Can it integrate with home assistant without using internet or cloud?

yes it has local UDP integration.
but it also pushes your weather info to the cloud, which can then be tied to from the weather underground app on your phone.
So your phone weather can actually use your local weather station for current conditions too

Did you ever figure out how to connect the WS0310 to HA?

I’ve been searching around and it seems like other Sainlogic models are rebranded Ecowitt models, and maybe this isn’t the case with the WS0310. I have tried the WSView and Ecowitt apps but neither of them have a device in their list that matches the 0310

Guys, don’t know if you have seen this but if not, there you go: Homeassistant 12h local weather forecast. ~94% accurate*


Any Ideas for Sainlogic FT0850 to integrate the 3 temperature and humidity units?

Has anyone tried the Ambient Weather WS-1551-IP Smart Wireless Weather Station yet? It’s pretty much a different version from the similar WS2000 and similar folks in here are talking about.

It pretty much has Wifi/LAN access to your network, and hooks into their proprietary software: IP TOOLS. And states it can hook to all the popular stuff like Apple/Alexa, but obviously nothing about our niche hobby-smart tools.

Anyone get this working at all? Seems promising, but rather see if their is a plugin/way to make it integrate before I just jump the gun and buy the thing.

The best advice I can provide is to use RTL_433 to MQTT to capture the information sent back from the weather station to the base unit. That’s how I’m getting information from my Sainlogic unit.

Quick plug for my app, ecowitt2mqtt, which transmits data from any Fine Offset weather station (including white-labeled variants, like Ambient Weather, Sainlogic, Ecowitt, etc.) to an MQTT broker (which can then ingested into HASS), all over your LAN.

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