Looking for camera recommendations

Dear all,

I am looking for a camera which can be used with HASSIO. The main usage of the cameras is to monitor my 3D printer, as well as security monitoring.

  • Can work completely locally without any kind of cloud services.
  • Stream to my own server at home, and my server can store the video if needed.
  • Stream to HASSIO so that I can watch the live video on frontend.
  • Powered through POE.


  • 4K
  • Nightview

I have checked several cameras on the market, they either need a cloud service (which is not free and not private), or do not have good video quality.

Thank you in advance for the recommendations!


Have you looked at Reolink? i have one of these running in HA and works great altho not 4K so not sure if thats a show stopper, oh and great night vision.

Hi, thanks for the recommendation! I’ll have a look on that, but I do see Reolink provides a cloud service, can it be used fully without its cloud service?

yes, using my camera without any cloud connection :slight_smile:

Every time this question is asked I always answer with Foscam. they are inexpensive, completely local, good video quality (but they aren’t 4K) and I’m pretty sure they have indoor models that are POE. I have an outdoor model that can be powered with POE but I don’t use that feature, I just power it with a zwave outlet.

As far as 4K is concerned do you really need 4K video? not only may it be overkill for video surveillance (the HD Foscam’s are typically more than adequate) the bandwidth will be massive, especially if you are going to be installing many cameras.

Hi Finity,

Thanks for your answer. I’ll also take a look on Foscam.

4K is just a wish, not for surveillance, but for monitoring my 3D printer, as I also make videos about 3D printer sometimes.

I have just installed the newly arrived Reolink, which works pretty well! Thanks for the recommendation.