Looking for compact climate control (vertical slider)


I’m looking for a compact climate control widget, so I can put multiple of them next to each other. I really like the design of the control in the tado app (which I think is quite similar to HomeKit / iOS sliders?)

Does anyone know if such a thing already exists for Lovelace?

Thank you

have a look at this: https://github.com/konnectedvn/lovelace-vertical-slider-cover-card

Thank you, I found that before, but I think it can only be used for covers, can’t it? Because a climate control would need to show the set temperature and the actual temperature.

(Sorry, I just started to dig into the whole Lovelace customization thing)

you are definitely right, you can open a feature request to custom card owner.

I think I would be capable to modify it myself, I just wanted to know if such a thing already exists or if I had to build it myself :slight_smile: Seemed like something that many people would want so I wondered why I couldn’t find anything ready-to-use. Also, I could swear I’ve seen such a widget on Reddit, but I can’t find it anymore.

please do and share your updates here :slight_smile:
on a different node, I am adjusting the temperature via automations, not touching it manually. Why do you have this requirement at first hand?

I guess I just like to have everything on my dashboard :smiley: I also use time schedules to set temperatures based on time and presence but I think it is handy to be able to quickly adjust these manually from time to time. I also like to see the current temperature of the room at a glance (yes, I could use a different card just for that as well, I guess)