Looking for decent light integration


Currently i’m using hue lights with hue bridge and some zigbee switches to build in

i’m using 12V switches on the walls, and everything is centralized to my fusebox

I could use all such zigbee switches, to control all my lights with hue, but that would be expensive

I’m looking for a decent, cheap, easy to install method to control all my lights in the house.
Prefereable on din rail.

I already did some huge research, but there are huge possibilites

Going from railduino, loxone miniserver, knex, unipi, wago plc, …

I think i need digital inputs (to connect my wall switches too) and digital outputs (to connect my lights to)

However, if my home assistant instance fails to run, i should still be able to use my lights

Who can help?

Nobody in the same street?

Have you seen youtube channel superhouse?
It’s a long video but it’s a really great system he built.
Wish I could build something like that but we have a rented apartment.

Watch it all. It may be a bit slow but it will probably give you a good idea.

For my light switches i use a custom built Shelly 1 like device and flashed them with ESPHome. These cost me a bit over 5 euro :slight_smile:
I have swapped the physical switch for a blind plate with a touch sensitive sensor behind it.
When Home Assistant fails, the lights still work. I have also done that for my motion detection.
Had some power sockets that i did not use and converted them to a motion sensor, also built with a custom Shelly 1 and a blind plate. One must: a strong and stable WiFi network.
I am using this for over a year now and i have had zero isssues with them :slight_smile:

That explains the broker part.

However, question is, how hard is it.
And what to get as hardware…

Railduino, unipi (1.1 or neuron or axon) or loxone ? or wago plc?

If you translate, the unipi is the hardware for the switches/ the lights/ and the “intelligence” right?

I believe the video covers that too.
He uses normal rail relays.

Or maybe I don’t understand your question.

Did you note this part here: https://youtu.be/vL54JfldB4Y?t=384