Looking for E27 light bulb recommendations

So, I need a few good quality light bulbs (>95 CRI would be nice) that I can integrate with HA.

The thing is that I am rather conscious about information leaks. I don’t use Google Home, Alexa or even the supposedly privacy-respecting HomeKit. I just use HA running on a local Raspberry Pi. No IoT for me, thanks; rather “local network of things”.

I have bought a Blitzwolf off Banggood to try out. It works fine, but their app wants SSID and password to start with, also asks for precise location, and who knows where in the world that information ends. Same for public IP address, etc. I was hoping to flash it to something like ESPhome but alas tuya-convert doesn’t like it. It seems it is not an ESP chip in the particular model I got (BW-LT29), so unless someone has a better idea, I’ll give that to someone less paranoid.

I don’t have Zigbee or anything of the sort, just WiFi. I prefer to use IP and json, but if someone makes a great bulb that only speaks MQTT, I could set that up.

So, what would you recommend? I need a small number of privacy respecting, off cloud, high quality, HA-friendly, E27 LED bulbs. I am in Europe, in case that matters.


Rather than starting a new topic I thought I might bump this topic.

Looking on Aliexpress for an E27 smart globe, colour, warm white, etc.

Interested in any recommendations, experiences, and best globes to look at.

Not interested in reflashing or anything, just want to use with HA and Alexa, and with the Tuya app if needed.

Thanks for your time.