Looking For Easier, Less Distracting Scrolling

Not sure how to describe, but found when looking through entities in developer tools I keep saying the top of page which looks messy and distracting. To me the top of the page should remain there as you scroll down. Easier reading

It does for me (using the companion app and with Chrome). Are using a browser?

Tried Firefox and Edge. Same results on both. Same behavior on both browsers. It would be nice to auto hide the top of the page as you scroll. As I mentioned in original post I may not have been describing what I wanted correctly. That being the top of the page, should fade as you scroll down.

Change to the default theme and try again.

The default theme (white) is too bright and hurts my eyes. But default theme does work without any issue. Have to look for another theme that is easy on my eyes and behaves correctly.

Did you try the dark version of the default theme? Easier on the eyes…

I will give that a try and see if I can find something else from HACS. I had been using iOS Themes - Dark Mode and Light Mode. But obviously its messed up otherwise I would not see what I am seeing.

You should file a bug report on their GitHub. I use the same theme, but rarely do I scroll Developer Tools.

Once I have a moment I plan on doing this. Can you confirm you see the see the same issue? I thought maybe it was something on my end with my Firefox browser. I won’t get into a million reasons why I despise Google here :grinning: Keep things on topic

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Confirmed. On Firefox, with the IOS dark mode theme selected, I get this:

Using the standard dark mode theme from HA, it works properly. So, yes, definitely a problem with the theme itself and not HA.

thank you for confirming. When I post in Github (they block acces from my work) I will paste a link from this post. Maybe they will fix it, if not I will find something else. The HA default with the all white background is just too much for my weakened eyes. I will find something that does work for me.

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Yeah, I typically run the default theme in dark mode for that very reason.