Looking for ESP32 All-IN-One

So basically,

What I’m looking for is some kind of ESP32 based board that has screw terminals for Inputs and Outputs with onboard relays and onboard connectivity which offers Wi-Fi and ethernet and Bluetooth options.

Something that is like a all-in-one board.

Is there anything like that out there?


I doubt it.
It makes no sense for a manufacturer to use an ESP32 for such a simple product.
But it’s easy to build yourself

Actually I posted about a company that sells these just recently.

Their site has the full ESPhome base code for each board too.


That was a surprise.
My gut instinct when I read Tuya was to dismiss it but then again there is a ESP on it…
And then your last line there cleared it all up

Yep, the Tuya tag is a major red flag normally but I think they are trying to market to as many people as possible so have a wide range of compatibility. ESPhome for the win.

Awesome, Cheers!

Hey Dave - have you used one of these or simply came across them while searching. I have been watching them for some time and contemplating to pull the trigger but was hoping to come across someone that has bought and is satisfied. Im looking to replace 3 x 4ch Sonoff Pro’s. Love the idea of having all 16 relays on one board so that I can use ESP config to monitor relay states and automate without reliance on an external source (ie HomeAssistant). My use case is my retic

I just got 2 and about the test

Keep us posted. Quality looks really good

Yup mint,

Just flashed it and it works just as expected. I’m waiting for another 2 and 4x plastic din rail covers before installation.

Can’t fault it at this point.

I haven’t yet bought any myself. I don’t really have a use for them as I had already built a retic controller using a PoE ESP32 board.

They were just on my radar in case I find a use for one.