Looking for HA guidance for a new house

Hi there!

I’m about to start building a house in Europe. Currently I’m looking into how to do our electricity / hvac (without AC) / window screens / solar panels.

I understand Home Assistant can be a great help in automating the home. I’m looking for guidance for the complete setup though.

My requirements:

Bare minimum:

  • Stable solution
  • Easy to use (mainly using normal switches in the walls)
  • No vendor lock-in
  • About 20 circuits for independently controlled lights (indoor & outdoor)
  • Button for “all lights off” when leaving the house
  • Panic button “all lights on”
  • Cost effective
  • High WAF (can be with Arduino’s/RPi’s etc. but should be very stable, i.e. needs to run for years without touching)

Highly preferred:

  • Dimmable light circuits (not all 20, but 10 or so)
  • Alarm system support
  • Scriptable (preferably Python; YAML will also do)
  • Connected with window screens (if temp in house >= X and if sun is shining a lot (UV) and wind < Z then lower screens)
  • Connected with solar panels (for stats, but also to find out )
  • Connected with auto lawn mower (e.g. when solar panels are producing a lot, ensure the auto lawn mower is charging)
  • Producing graphs and stats (e.g. graphs from temperature sensors)

I was thinking to do UTP cabling from all light switches to a central point, as well as getting all light locations to a central point. Then I guess I should be free to use any kind of “relay module” that can do dimming as well.
For normal power outlets I’d not connect each outlet to a central place (due to higher cabling costs) but would use e.g. 1 or 2 Hue lamps if lights would be placed on power outlets.
For the Alarm part, I was thinking to go with solutions like http://aeotec.com/z-wave-sensor which are doable price wise and which at the same time can gather interesting information about the room where the sensor is placed.

Is the above reasoning OK (UTP cabling, alarm)?
I don’t see the Aeotec Z-Wave in the supported components, but do see Z-Wave. Can I safely assume that the Aeotec Z-Wave is an entirely open system and that I will be able to use all its functionality (e.g. humidity sensor, …)?

What kind of relay/dimming module would be suggested?
Is the Aeotec suitable for a burglar proof alarm system? Would non-battery powered be better (also an option)?
Which equipment would be needed for the above?

Any input greatly appreciated.