Looking for help editing device effect lists

Hello all!

Long time lurker and tinkerer - thanks everyone out there who I’ve learned from already! :smile:

I’m looking for a way to edit the list of available effects for a given device. I have a handful of Govee devices with built-in effects. Unfortunately, the devices have different effects list but with some overlap.

I’d like to edit the list (if possible) so that when I select all the devices (lights, led strips, lamps) in a room, the only effects that show as available are the ones that they all share in common.

Thanks in advance for any information. I’ve looked and done some searches but haven’t been able to find anything yet. I hope someone more knowledgeable that I can point me in the right direction!


The only way to do this is to edit the integration supplying the lights.

Thanks Tom - I appreciate the response (and would have responded earlier. I though I’d get an email telling me there was a response :P)

The integration is being provided through MQTT (govee2mqtt) so I’ll look through there and see if I can locate the effects list(s). Thanks again!