Looking for help with a project in Hawaii - I'll fly you here!

Travel and Beaches and Home Automation - Oh My!

Alright, this may be a long shot but potentially a fun opportunity for a home-automation enthusiast who’s up for a bit of adventure.

I want to hire someone to assist me on a DIY residential low voltage wiring project in Honolulu, Hawaii, in mid to late April. I’ll pay for your flights (from the U.S.), hotel, rental car + $400/day for five days. Stay longer for a real vacation? Bring your partner along? I’m happy to help accommodate whatever works for you.

Why in the heck would I do this? The pandemic hit us right after we finished demolition on a residential remodel. After a long pause, we’re now putting the house back together, but our budget has been wiped out. Probably because we live among multi-million dollar properties, the home automation companies here want $10-20k just for wiring and $50-100k for high-end proprietary equipment that I probably wouldn’t want even if I could afford it.

You must have experience planning and installing DIY-friendly residential networking, PoE security cameras, ceiling speakers, automation controls, and so on. However, the actual equipment will mostly come later. I only need your help in planning, ahead of time and on-site, and to work with me to run all wiring necessary now and for future expansion. I hope your experience will guide us in the best directions and avoid mistakes that I might make on my own.

Let me know if you’re interested, and we can talk further.


With any luck, a qualified member of this community lives in Hawaii and will save you the cost of airfare (and possibly more).

Good luck with your project.

Now I know what my time is worth for all the cabling work I’ve done in my own home …

Oh yes - it would great to find someone local. I just don’t know where to look besides the commercial high-end companies and it’s hard to find available labor here of any sort - and I imagine someone in the HA community would be more in tune with my goals. Plus flights and hotels are relatively cheap and it could be a fun win-win for someone that would enjoy the opportunity.

I would do this in a flash… if I didnt have a full time job and 2 young kids… I even have all the tools!

28 days later… did he/she find someone? Was it real? A scam?

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I didn’t try very hard to find someone, literally just this post, but did not get any serious interest. Maybe it was a dumb idea anyway. I’m just beginning to tackle this project myself and so far it’s going well! :grinning:

I would definietly do this. I’m in western Canada. I’m not an electrician but I have managed the buildouts of two comercial spaces that had special networking/hardware needs with home assistant. I also rewired my house for the same reasons. Send me a message and we can get on a zoom call. If nothing else it would be fun the shoot the shit about home autmation. Plus hiking the napli coast is on my buket list!

Nothing wrong with getting it done yourself. Someone sent me the link and I thought hmm… That would be cool to do some video content for the channel but then I saw the age of it and no replies. But I didn’t see any reports of an HA’er waking up in a bathtub of ice with a kidney missing either.