Looking for help with lovelace cast on Nest Hub

Hello All,

Wondering is there a guide to setup cast lovelace on nest hub, gone through many sites but found it is not straight forward as mentioned.

I have been using HA for last two years and I have pretty much old configuration (slowly adopting to UI configuration)

Not subscribed to Nabu Casa but I have external URL using duckdns.org

cast.home-assistant.io - does it accept only nabu casa URLs or any external URLs?

I tried calling service from HA to my nest hub but displayed “Not Connected” with websocket API error.

BTW, I’m not able to access my external URL from local, could this be a problem for casting?
I have ISP router connected to Unifi USG with port forwarding on 443.

Unless its been fixed, the standard cast component times out after 10 minutes. This is an issue on Googles end, not an HA issue.

An option is to use CATT

Edit: be sure to set the ‘share_sessions’ parameter to ‘false’ in the ssh addon.

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thanks @silvrr

this is very useful…

also found a good guide with HA configuration.