Looking for high quality smart curtain system


I’m looking for a high quality system for smart curtains in a curtain track. Ideally, such a system should be:
-relatively silent
-local push via ESPhome, or otherwise zigbee controlled
-able to close curtains from both sides
-powered from mains AC
-modding and flashing is totally fine

So far, i’ve been unable to find such a system. Any thoughts on this?

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This is what we have in our master bedroom. We have the dual track (dark and sheer curtains) operating separately). It still works perfectly after almost 10 years.
It comforms to all of your requirements, but basically it is all open or all closed. The system connects to the plug of your choice (Zwave, Zigbee, Wifi) with ON the curtains CLOSE and OFF the curtains OPEN. In fact, in our case and coincidentally, the dark curtains are on a Zwave plug and the sheer curtains on a TP Link Wifi plug. We have the system in Automations as well as in Alexa (“Alexa Open Dark Curtains” etc).

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That sounds interesting. Would it be possible and workable to half-close the curtains by timely disconnecting power via a smart plug?

That is funny… I never tried in 10 years and YES that works easily :grinning:

Similar to @EndUser I have a generic controller called Add-A-Motor and I had the same issue of you just can turn it on or off with no settings between so I wrote a series of scripts and a template cover to allow me to control it fully by just first timing how long it takes to open and close and then calculate where, for example, 50% is (since open and close might take different times, I use the tilt sensor on the template to know if it is in “open mode” or “close mode”).

It’s worked quite well for many years. I just plug the add-a-motor into a controlled outlet and let HomeAssistant calculate when to turn on or off that outlet according to the position I requested.

My systen is complete, not add-a-motor, and the on/off status does not require a template etc.
A few days ago I added a Zigbee Curtain controller in another room and that is like a add-a-motor.
Much, much cheaper and much less sophisticated and reliable as the one in our master bedroom.
This being said, the price value is good.

I have been using three Aqara curtain motors for over 5 years and they have never let me down. I started using them with the Aqara app but migrated to Zibee2MQTT a couple of years ago.

They are very well built, start and finish opening/closing slowly accelerating to full speed for very smooth and quiet operation and can be set to any percentage for partial open/close.

It’s worth noting that for longer runs, the track is shipped cut into two or more pieces. The method of joining is very robust but I wouldn’t recommend a length that requires more than two pieces. With just one join it’s fine as the runners don’t pass over the join as it’s in the middle.

Also, you can get angled track connectors to run the track in bay windows. These are plastic and the curtains don’t run through them anywhere nearly as smoothly as the straight metal track and I wouldn’t recommend them either.

ZemiSmart has announced a “Matter” Compatible one: Zemismart Tuya Zigbee Electric Curtain Motor with Splicing Track Smart Motor Alexa Google Home Voice Control RF Remote Control

Its reviewed here: https://youtu.be/Ovnp4QPFOS0

I have about 15 Matter devices so far and based on that experience so far, I’m impressed (if you also use an iPhone or Google Home, Matter is the way to go since you can pair a device to multiple hubs). Home Assistant’s implementation is still in beta and has rough spots to work out, so if using HomeAssistant, I’d first start by pairing to iOS Home and then add HomeAssistant as another controller.

I’m not sure if these curtain motors are in “pre-sale” or if they are shipping yet, but the price in that first link seems fair.

These look great and will purchase these for two remaining rooms when HA is fully ready for Matter. Thanks for the tip.

Thank you for all the great suggestions! I’ll look into them.