Looking for ideas: battery powered "room thermostat"

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I quoted “thermostat” because what I really need is a battery powered unit (using zigbee or similar) where I can:

  • read room temperature,
  • set the target temp displayed on the unit, and
  • read what the user has set the target temp to, if they choose to overide the programmed target.

I don’t need the device to actually control anything as I will do that inside HA.

The environment is that each room as a Z-Wave rad valve to do the actual temp control. I also have a Shelly controlling the boiler.

What I want to do is to:

  • use Schedy to set a baseline temperature profile for each room (already done),
  • allow the user to overide this using a room-based control (to do),
  • but then use the actual room temp to decide whether the boiler needs to run or not - based on whether or not the actual temp is lower than the target (to do).

This Is my setup

I change


this is my yaml data

- id: Climate Livingroom
  alias: Climate Livingroom
    - platform: time_pattern
      hours: "*"
      minutes: "*"  # 1
    - platform: state
      - binary_sensor.front_door
      - input_boolean.livingroom_climate
      - light.shelly_lounge
      - binary_sensor.main_tv
      - binary_sensor.garage_door
  condition: []
    - data:
        entity_id: climate.gas_heater
        factor: 1.5
        update_entity: sensor.climate_check
        temperature_check: sensor.lounge_temperature
        change_it: switch.gas_heater
        hvac_active: heat
        sensors_on: # all these must be on
          - input_boolean.livingroom_climate     
          - light.shelly_lounge
          - binary_sensor.main_tv
        sensors_off:  # all these must be off 
          - binary_sensor.front_door
          - binary_sensor.garage_door
          - winter
          - autumn
          - spring
      service: python_script.update_climate

did this

Thanks for that. I saw the Xiaomi units, but they only provide the sensor and not the control bit. I can do the temperature/humidity monitoring with the emonTH sensors that form part of my OpenEnergyMonitor system. It’s the user control I’m struggling with (at least without paying through the nose for a Z-Wave thermostat)