Looking for independent Z-Wave network management software

I migrated to the new openzwave integration a while back and can now see and control all my devices and entities, thanks to 0.116.0b4. However, there is a piece of functionality missing from the underlying ozw-admin module that is built into the addon: the ability to see and manipulate assocations. (This has been raised as an issue, but as @fishwaldo is busy elsewhere, there is unlikely to be any progress resolving this in the immediate future).

I have a z-wave thermostat and a z-wave switch in my “shack”. Previously, the thermostat controlled the switch directly via an assocation. All I needed to do from HA was adjust the thermostat’s setpoint. That assocation has stopped working and the absence of functionality in ozw-admin prevents me debugging why.

So, assuming I plug the AEOTEC GEN 5 Z-Stick into something else is there any independent software I can install (on a Mac/PC/Linux box) that I can use to control the Zwave network?

You could go and try to make z-way a secondary controller in your network. z-way have very mature troubleshooting capabilities.

I know @rafale77 is a very motivated promoter of it and also has high knowledge on zwave.

more “start-info” here:

Note: I am not saying this will work, but it is definitely an answer to your question in getting more information about your zwave network.

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For now you could use the addassociation MQTT command. Examples have been posted here. You could view associations with MQTT Explorer.

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