Looking for inexpensive LED strips that work with HA without needing an extra app

I got one and it was Tuya and ime finding Tuya stuff a nightmare. I did get it working with the Tuya IoT website but they were not very responsive and now the setup is broke and I cant fix it. Life is to short and I dont want to rely on a cloud service.

I idealy I want standard Zigbee (Not propiotery TP Link Tapo or Tuya or any other cloud service). I could live with WiFi but I realy dont want to have to use an aditional App but if it is non cloude can live with it, just about. Govee also seems to use a cloud service so thats also out.

Problem most stuff seems use Tuya cloud

Any ideas?

You may want to consider using WLED, which can control a number of different types of LED strip lights and can manage several different color scenes. WLED runs on a small ESP32 circuit board using a 5v power supply and is WiFi/Bluetooth controlled. You can check out some very well-done YouTube videos created by Chris Maher. He makes it easy to follow along and get up and running quickly.

Looks nice but was really looking for a simpler solution. Also seems with the power suply ESP32 and strips the price would mount up and controling multipe strips is not what I need.

Did you consider the TRĂ…DFRI from Ikea. They are Zigbee and work great with ZHA.

Gledopto zigbee led controller works well with HA and supports several different styles of LED strips.

Zigbee doesn’t use cloud, regardless of the brand…you just need a local Zigbee usb controller connected to HA.

Same for wifi, most devices don’t require any cloud.
Nevertheless, all my wifi devices have been re-flashed with ESPHome firmware :innocent:

And for the Tuya app, tried Local Tuya?
You do need to access the Tuya website in order to set it up, but after that everything is controlled local (i even blocked Tuya internet access by adding some firewall rules :wink:)

i second IKEA lights, as they are zigbee and rather decent priced

Did you check yet if you are able to replace the firmware of your tuya trash so it becomes usable?

Esphome supports a wide range of chips usually found in tuya products. With cloudcutter it is often even possible to install esphome over the air and receive a solid system that works completely local.

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