Looking for installation recommendations of Aqara Wall switches

Looking for some advice or any recommendations.

Played around with home assistant on a rpi4 using conbee2 with zigbee2mqtt.
Noticed that pairing with Ikea Tradfri bulb and on/off remote needs to happen quite close to the conbee2. Does all zigbee devices need to be really close to the conbee2 (Ikea manual says 5cm)?

I am planning to install Aqara wall switches (with neutral, 12-15 switches ) around the house, up to 10-15m away, through walls, from the conbee2.

My worry is will I be able to pair to the conbee2 seeing they are quite far? Cause it’ll be a hassle to take out all the switches and bring it near the Rpi conbee2 to pair then re-install them one by one.

Heard the Tradfri repeaters are not too bad. Was thinking to start pairing them first, then place them in the rooms (since these are movable wall plugs). Also read that some models of Aqara switches work as a router?

So anyone has any recommendations what my installation process will be like or what I can expect? If the Aqara switches work as a router, would it be possible I just start pairing the ones nearest the Rpi n conbee, and slowly work my way away out (then i don’t really need a repeater/router like the Ikea tradfri)?