Looking for IoT developers/security specialists to participate in an academic research study

Hello, Developers of HomeAssistant Community!

We are security researchers from William & Mary, USA, looking for people with experience developing IoT products to participate in an academic research interview study.

This study will help us understand the practitioners’ perspectives and experiences on IoT products and IoT security compliance regulations. We would appreciate it if you share your valuable insight related to IoT product security and IoT product certification.

We expect the interview to take around 45-55 minutes. We will give you 50 USD to complete the interview. The Institutional Review Board has reviewed and approved this study for ethical issues, and we will use the information collected for research purposes only. All the information will be anonymized and cannot be traced to any individual or organization.

If you are willing to participate in the interview, please fill out the form:

We would really appreciate it if you share this invitation with IoT developers in your network.

If this message does not belong in this specific forum or needs to comply with additional regulations of this community, please let us know, and we will happily address it.

Thank you!