Looking for low quality / robotic TTS


I’ve worked through some of the HA TTS integrations and my problem is that the voice is too good! I’m looking for a 70s sci-fi style robotic voice.

Does any one have any suggestions for a TTS set up which would work or alternatively a platform where I can generate WAV / MP3 files for manual playing in HA?


I’ve used this project ( Turn an ESP8266 WemosD1Mini into an audio notifier for Home Assistant: Play MP3, TTS & RTTL ) for offline audio notification, it works very well. And it has a old school style TTS voice that reads plain text. fairly easy project to follow as well.

Hope it helps you.

If you use the Google Cloud TTS you can make adjustments to the way the speech sounds which might help you

The Google TTS voices are too perfect, adjusting the settings gives some curious effects but not really the retro style.
I’ll have a look at the D1mini project, thanks.

I was also looking for something similar and couldn’t find anything natively adaptable to HA, I just ended up using an online text-to-voice generator for the messages, and recoded the output which I use as playback in HA since most of my messages are static.

Are the messages predefined or could it be anything?
If they are predefined then you could use the DF player mini and ESP-Home.
All you need to do is to create the mp3 files with the TTS messages and add them to the memory card.

Did you find an online tool which gave a robotic effect? - the ones I tried were all ‘normal’ voices.

Yes, https://ttsdemo.com/, top left corner

ah, super.

many thanks.

Cheers, anytime.

FYI: the Martian voice is a huge hit with friends and family, especially the little one’s.