Looking for NFC tag reader that can work with home assistant

I’m looking for an NFC tag reader that can work with home assistant. I woud like to set certain automations that should be triggered when a specific tag is read by the reader.

Requirement: It should an always on reader.

Does anyone know such a reader?

I suspect you can repurpose this…

Thanks something to consider for sure, but I was looking for something z-wave, zigbee like, which can run on batteries.

I know its a super old thread, but have you found any? @papadi

Nope, I gave up on this. You can consider sticking a permanent NFC tag in the same place and scan it with your phone, now that the phone app supports that.

This one?

@Hellis81 Nah, he meant just the sticker tag, and then u scan the sticker with phone to get in.
But what I really want is a wireless nfc/rfid reader so I can get in with cards, not with phone.
So sad we don’t have that functionality

That is exactly what I linked to.

Read it again, it needs usb power. There is no battery in it xd @Hellis81


use a usb batterypack?

that reader is hella junky/handmade and yes I would need a battery pack to attach to the wall too.
What I’m really looking for is a quality waterproof wireless reader