Looking for Nibe Heat Pump automation to handle PV surplus


I‘m using the Nibe integration recently (so happy that I don‘t need to fiddle around with modbus anymore myself).

I managed to do some basic automation to increase usage of surplus energy mostly for hot water (switching to increased hw demand when surplus >1000W is available). But I‘m looking for more ways to also include heating, etc.

I find it really difficult to find the right start either to go via the modbus aux or directly via the heating curve, or or or…

Anybody found a good way to max out surplus usage of PV for a Nibe?

Thanks in advance,

@elupus maybe?

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Some success to report? :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not, except for the hot water demand I haven‘t been able to find out how to use the AUX etc. via modbus.

I‘m thinking maybe to just use shellys…

Main thing I still haven’t found out it: how to trigger the SG-ready interfaces via modbus.

There are no registers directly names sg-ready 1/2. there’s aux1 aux2 but I‘m not sure if they’re the same. Both are available with the Nibe Integration however not as switches but registers with values from 0-61

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Thank you for the info!
I still do not manage to activate the hot water demand on SMO S40 :wink:
Thanks! Pietro