Looking for off-the-shelf Zigbee temperature (/humidity) sensor


I got my first Hue lights last month and discovered home-assistant - now I’m hooked :wink:
I’m looking to extend the system with a room temperature sensor (humidity would be cool too, but it’s not a requirement) that works with home-assistant.
It should be an off-the-shelf part that I can get here in Europe.
Since I already have the Hue network, I would prefer a Zigbee version (assuming that it works over the Hue network - which, to my understanding, all Zigbee certified products should. Correct me if I’m mistaken.).
Also, ideally it should cost $50 max.

I found a similar thread where the Aeotec Multisensor was recommended.
That one would be overkill sensor-wise; it also costs about $60 here in Germany and it’s a Z-Wave component, which (again, to my knowledge - I’m still new to this stuff) would require a Z-Wave USB stick to control (like the Aeotec ZW090-C) which costs about the same as the sensor.

Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be that many affordable Zigbee sensors on the market.
Any recommendations?


You really should be considering Zwave going forward. The majority of all other light switches, sensors, door locks, and so forth primarily use Zwave.

If your looking for simplier off the shelf stuff, get smarthing or wink hub that has both radios built in. But if your going to want to use Home Assistant, the recommendation is a home build setup with a zwave stick.

popular choices their are a raspberry pi and an Aeotec ZStick.

Thanks for your reply!
Ok, I’ll consider adding the Aeotec Z-Wave stick to my setup then.
The “off-the-shelf” part was only meant in regards to the sensor.
I know I could build a sensor with an arduino and mysensors - I’m just not a big fan of having arduinos lying around all over the house.
I already have HA running on a 24/7 linux “server”, so that’s not a problem.

So, any other recommendathions regarding the sensor besides the Multisensor 6?
It seems like a pretty cool device, but it’s still rather expensive considering that I wouldn’t need the light, motion, vibration and UV sensors.