Looking for options for MANY external doors

New home has several entry doors all with standard deadbolts.

The MAIN door and garage inner door to the house are going to be the most frequently used so I am thinking something fancier like the Schlage Encode Plus. However I still have 3 additional external doors to cover.

For the MAIN doors I am leaning to something with apple home key support.

For the other doors I just want to be sure they are locked, it is a bonus if they also indicate they are closed but I can always put a door/window sensor on them as well.

Local control is a MUST I already support zigbee / z-wave / homekit in my setup.

I am thinking of even just putting DUMB keypad locked with auto lock on the other external doors however those locks are often poor quality.

Smart locks get expensive fast so when considering 5 doors total I don’t want to screw this up in terms of HA support.