Looking for RGBW controllers with good HA integration


I currently have a few circuits controlled with a Rako Bridge and Controllers. Our main house system is Control4 based and all the lighting is C4.

The integration with Rako even with C4 has been glitchy at best. Setting colours one by one (R, G, B or W) is ok, but you cannot set a combined colour reliably as Rako doesn’t like receiving multiple commands at the same time and doesn’t always pick them all up, meaning perhaps only 2 or 3 of the colour channels are set.

There is also no 2 way communication possible with the Rako unit, so apart from having something listening for the same UDP broadcasts it uses and updating a local store of the light states, this is also glitchy.

I’ve tried integrating with the 3rd party solution here for HA, but whilst this largely works, I have 2 circuits that just refuse to work, despite being found.

So I was thinking about replacing the Rako element of my lighting with something else. It doesn’t need to be compatible with C4, as I would be happy to control the room that most of the Rako lighting in HA only.

So far, I’ve discovered the Shelly RGBW2 device which looks like it will do the job, but I was wondering what other choices there are? Also, I cannot see anything in the specification that indicates that the Shelly RGBW2 has 2 way integration, can anyone confirm that?


Check out MagicHome. The integration supports RGBW. I use a MagicHome controller with warm white lights under my cabinets. It works great.

I’m a fan of Anthom’s products.

Available in WLED or ESPHOME firmware and super simple to setup and fully local and open source firmware.

I have taken all of my magic home controllers out of service due to failing or various performance issues.

Hi, Are you saying the Athom units will run RGBW? The link is for WLED addressable? Or is it the ESPHOME firmware version is RGBW?

Apologies, linked the wrong one.

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Hi @gadgetbazza
Did you end up buying one of the Athome RGBW controllers?

No I didn’t. Still haven’t changed out from the Rako controllers as yet. Finding time is hard lately!