Looking for smart bulb - G53 AR111 10w

Hi, I am looking for WiFi/Zigbee/Zwave smart bulbs/lights that can be integrated into HA with fitting G53 AR111 10W. Been searching on the internet but couldn’t find any. I want to be able to control the lights with HA but do not want to install a smart switch or nano switch. It can be white or colour/white.

I liven in Europe. Anyone has any recommendations?

Here are the screenshot of the light I would like to replace:

There’s one on alibaba

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Thank you so much for the info. However I have no idea if the 12W is suitable for my setup? The lights were pre-installed by the previous owner so I don’t know anything about it. I see that the purchase also comes with the controller, power cord extension etc. I only need the bulb. Do you think I can use it? Do you have experience with this?

Thanks for your reply!

I don’t know if the Zigbee downlight will work with my setup? I don’t know what kind of fitting the downlight has… I am noob in this category. Some advice would be great!

Thanks in advance!

No, i only have the usual wifi downlights.
Try asking the seller if you can just purchase the bulbs only

I can’t just order 1 or 2 from them. These are for wholesale unfortunately. Minimum is 100 pcs… ;-(

The supplier recommended me a downlight but too bad it doesn’t fit. Anyone has any advice? Or am I forced to install nano dimmer in the switch to control them? ;-(

Have you tried looking for a G34 adapter to e27?
And can you still order sample units without the minimum 100 pcs

It is possible to ask for sample but to purchase for my home use I have to order 100pcs. I also asked if it is possible that I just pay for the 100 pcs and just send me 16 of them. No it is not possible. But it doesn’t work anyway because I also need the RF controller to make it “smart”.

What is a G34 adapter to e27? Did you mean G53? I don’t know otherwise what it is.

I am also looking for possible solutions to maybe change the G53 → GU10 fitting and use the same fixture. Is it even possible?

That could work, you’d just need to change the sockets to gu10

Couldn’t find any g53 to gu10 adapter, but there’s one you can print

Thank you for the information. I need to hire an electrician then to change the fitting and wiring since G53 is using 12V and GU10 is directly connected to the wire. I have no idea how the wiring is done in the house. But glad to know there is an (easy) option to change it. I like GU10 fitting because there are many choices here.

If you’re going with wifi gu10, you can opt for local control with esphome.

Just make sure the pcb is accessible like this,

some only have really short cable that you need to crack the case

Nice touch but this setup is just too advanced for me. Why esphome when HA can support it? HA is also local control isn’t it? Or does esphome offer more granular settings than HA offers? I am curious to know and learn if there are better solutions :wink: