Looking for some cheap battery powered WIFI temp and humidity sensor


I’m looking for some cheap no frills WIFI battery powered temp and humidity sensor.

Anyone using such? Anyone having some experience?

Would be great to find one with an ESP chip and flash with esphome, I’d avoid going through some 3rd party like tuya to integrate the sensors into HASS.
WIFI is a must, I have the network, just need to add some sensors at obscure places.

For example like this one:

By chance their aren’t already esphome nodes deployed which could also act as ble proxy?

With that these little xiaomi thingies work like a treat and can also be completely owned (custom *ware) which can even extend their functions to also act as a clock :alarm_clock: and display :tv:

Was going to say the same thing. I have the same setup as you described, except with a round display. Works great.

Batteries need to be replace like once a year tops (1 triple A) And if you already have esp device nearby the config is pretty simple.

Yea I have plenty of nodes around, but sadly ESP8266, so sadly no BT