Looking for someone to give a Short demonstration of HomeAssistant to college students, Huddersfield UK, April 2024

Hello everyone.

Following on from a tiring but amazing week in Kirklees College, Huddersfield, UK.

I’ve been invited to return in January 2024 to delivery more in-depth demonstrations with the www.velbus.eu control system.

What I’d really like to offer them is a chance to see how a buildings digital backbone can be linked to other systems and how to create a web UI.

I believe there will be a small fee available.
You don’t need a teaching qualifications, as it’s considered a “trade talk”, rather than a formal qualification lecture.

If anyone is interested / available, please comment or message me.

I’m happy to provide a computer to run HomeAssistant and remote access to the same weeks in advance, so you can build / plan whatever you like.

Thanks @tom_l


Surely there has to be someone near by that can spare an hour to chat about their experience with HomeAssistant and just talk briefly about what they do with it?
From an end user perspective.

I’m not suggesting anyone does a full formal presentation, just a chat with some students to let them know that there are fun and interesting things available to them, as a spin off from their plumbing and electrical career paths.

An hour?!

Last time I got this question, I asked for a weekend :slight_smile:

Unfortunately I don’t live in the UK, otherwise I would have come.

Hope you find someone interested. If anyone is thinking about it, do it! It’s fun to show what can be done and inspire people!

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Thanks for the comment.

In the longer term, I’d love to set up a weekend course for people to learn the basics of HomeAssistant, to help then get started and either build something useful for themselves or as part of their business.

I know I need this, I’m really struggling to get my head around doing anything more than getting #Velbus connected (but that’s my business, I’m not paid to do more)

Regarding this introduction to digital control systems course, it really is just an hour needed to discuss in general what’s possible in theory.
I just think it would be really nice for these students to hear someone else’s point of view and not just mine.

As Fich says, if you’re thinking about it, please take the plunge.
I’m happy to help get you ready and confident.
One of my side hustles is coaching stage craft and presenting.

“They say” that 2024 is the year of IoT, but that can only happen if we share our positive experiences and let others know that it’s not as hard as they think it is.

Who wouldn’t want their name on a staff notice board to remind everyone that you’re visiting…

I’ve been called some things in my time… But this is a first :duck: :rofl: