Looking for someone to help develop a autism task system to my Home Assistant

Hi fellow HA friends,

Im still very newbie to Home Assistant, but really love all the things it can do. I have a problem, where im hoping to find someone who could help me develop a system for my son, who has autism. Im not sure if it is against the rules, but i would like to pay for the help.

Today i have a white manual board on my wall, where i write the tasks that my son need to go through, through the day. I would like to remove it, and run it through HA. My thoughts of the solution was that i could have a card on my dashboard, that showed the tasks he need to do. The tasks should be grouped in groups like (morning, after school, afternoon). There should be an button for the task to be completed, and a button that marks the task as not today. There should be possibility to drag the task up and down the list, and a possibility to add an ekstra task for the day.
The tasks are different on the different daytypes (monday, tuesday…), but the same every monday, every tuesday… I was thinking of having a task-template.yaml where the template for each day was written. Each night the list of task for the day was replaced with them from the template.
Im using HACS and have iOSdark theme installed, and would like to fit it into the design.
I have made a mockup.

Anyone who would like to help me with that?

I have made a second markup, to show that the days task is different, and item is dragable.

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This might be an option (it has tasks/chores):