Looking for something like utility sensor, but by minute

If have installed this watermeter sensor (nice value by the way) and coupled it to HA. It works pretty well and does report an ever increasing sensor, which is the total water reading.
I’m already using the utility meter in order to get hourly, daily and monthly water consumption, however I’d also like to report on the water flow, ie number of liters per minute. Unfortunately the utility meter platform doesn’t go down to that level of granularity. Is there anyway using template sensors or whatever to indeed take samplings of 1 minute and report the liters consumed by minute ?

FYI, the watermeter sensor returns a value via MQTT every 10 seconds (including force update).

Using this sensor with the unit time set to “min”, will give you L/min.

Nice tip, thanks !
Just implemented this, seems OK indeed. My sensor produces a (forced) update every 10 seconds, I took a time_window of 1 min and reports by minute.
I’m using Home Assistant since 3 or 4 years, but keep on discovering new stuff every month :wink:

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