Looking for Specific Problem reporting software, any ideas?

As an aside to HA, but very much related to automation…

I manage a ton of things at a church. Not just I.T., but also lighting, building maintenance, etc., etc.

When there’s a problem identified, whether it be missing batteries in a remote, or a network outage, or a bathroom tile on the floor…

Question: I’m looking for software that can help facilitate submission of those problems and then a back-end that can help me manage those problems…and ultimately work that information into Home Assistant. Does anyone know of a support ticketing type system that’s designed for more than just software bugs, or web hosting problems, etc.? Just an all around “problem reporting” system?

I’d say OTRS

I’d rather go with the “newer” version from the founder of OTRS, called Zammad.


If only I could get it to work. It presumes one has a default Apache setup on their system. ;). I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually.

Zammad is available as a Docker container. Should be easy to setup. :slight_smile:

Have you worked with Docker containers before? If not, give it a quick read and try it. https://www.docker.com/

OS Ticket is free open source.

I used for a while and seemed OK but I not use that long

I also used Redmine for a while a liked a lot but it is Ruby and needs lots of configuration for setup but for me managing my stuff and letting people submit tickets to me it worked well and was flexible…but it was ruby. I install this recently with docker and made things easier

I created issue types to track equipment, purchase requests, install/construction status, IT tickets and service tickets