Looking for Supported ZigBee2MQTT Smart Door Lock, for US Deadbolt

I’m looking for know working options for a ZigBee smart door lock, I’m open to a WiFi solution however my goal is no cloud requirement, and ideally something that will integrate with my existing setup. I don’t have Z-wave and not really ready to expand my RPi3b with that hardware. I use Z2M and not really interested in moving to ZHA or attempting to add a second ZigBee coordinator. I’m considering a Kwikset unit I found on Amazon that would take little effort to install and also not require new keys. I don’t really care about a keypad or other means of entry beyond a physical key but if the right option exists that has some of that I wouldn’t be opposed. I’m also looking not to break the bank with a solution as thia is more of a monitoring solution, did we remember to lock the front door, than a part of a major security setup.

Kwikset 914 Convert Zigbee 3.0 Electronic Smart Lock Conversion Kit in Venetian Bronze

I’m gathering that no one is using a ZigBee door lock in the U.S., and I guess not the Kiwkset one I’ve mentioned? Is just going with an August WiFI unit my best solution for a cloudless door lock?

I’m not in US, but I just ordered that one and have it installed, paired with z2m and works flawlessly.
A bit of annoyance that it doesn’t have a keypad/interface when you’re not carrying your phone or keys.
Still trying to figure out the best and secure way for the door to unlock when any one of my family is around.

I’m also looking into using tuya wifi/zgibee lock (which has had no support from tuya since last year).
The only way to use tuya zigbee lock seems to be with zemismart homekit hub.
Homekit integration → zemismart homekit → tuya zigbee lock

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I have the Yale Yrd256, actually bought the lock and then picked up the zigbee card on ebay since that was way cheaper. This is with ZHA, so can’t speak to zigbe2mqtt, but it’s been in use for 2 years now. Had to put one battery in it so far, can’t complain, it just works.

Yeah, I took a look at the Yale but I don’t want to mess with swapping out boards and I’m invested in Zigbee2MQTT and have no desire to rebuild everything in ZHA.

@ferbulous so it looks like there is an available keypad for that lock.

Kwikset 914 Traditional Keypad SmartCode Electronic Deadbolt Smart Lock featuring SmartKey Security and ZigBee 3.0 Technology in Venetian Bronze

I’m on the fence of whether I want to bother with the keypad. For the most part family/guests can use the keypad we already have on our garage door for entry.

Oh right, the one you posted is the keypad version.
That’s why I’m looking into tuya locks because they’re inexpensive, the $100 zigbee lock I spotted came with front camera for face recognition. Even the most basic model comes with fingerprint sensors which I can’t say the same for yale, kwikset. Although homeassistant integration is doubtful/limited for now