Looking for switches/power outlets


I use home assistant for several things including my roller shutters. Currently they are working with a Shelly to make them smart and an Enocean switch to make them available without any smart device.
The issue with this is, that it will not work, if home assistant or the wife is not available as there is no direkt connection between the Shelly and the switch.
So I’m looking for a more integrated solution like the fibaro Walli switches. They look very interesting but I have the issue that I currently use the berker s1 System, which is a 55 system. To what I was reading so far, the fibaro Walli line will not fit for this system as the switches are larger.
For situation with only one switch, it will work, but for situation with more than one I will kot be able to get two or more switches next to each other.
So my question would be, is my assumption right? Hopefully not :slight_smile:
Any other available switches which could be recommended? So far I was searching the whole internet without any luck. But maybe I was using the wrong search words :slight_smile:

How come? The Shellys have a switch point, so you connect your existing switch to that, put the Shelly in edge trigger mode and the Shelly’s relay powers the socket.

Actually, this was my first idea as well, but my flush-mounted boxes are not depth enough to house the switch and the Shelly or any other actor together.
That’s why I’m using the Enocean switches, as they are flat.

That’s a pity. You could sink boxes into your walls. It’s a lot more work, but that’s my best idea. Good luck!

The Sonoff Mini R4 is slightly smaller than the Shelly. I have one that I flashed with ESPHome.

Does the sonoff device is able to measure the energy consumption? If it can, it looks very promising :slight_smile:

Do you want it to make your morning coffee, too? … It’s a switch.

Well, that would be awesome :slight_smile:
This is just to satisfy the nurd within me