Looking for Tasmota or Tuya convert OTA devices in NL region

I am looking for lights(e14,e27,gu10)/door sensors and switches that out of the box are tasmota enabled or can be converted using tuya convert.

In the past i bought some LSC filament style lights where i could use tuya-convert but after buying some more a couple months ago unfortunately it seems that the new batches contain the new firmware that is currently unflashable

I am a bit hesitant to buy anymore without knowing whether they are flashable and am wondering whether anyone has recently bought any devices that are certified flashable with software(not very comfortable with soldering).

I also considered the following alternatives:

  • Preflashed devices from Athom but they are quite expensive for me and don’t offer filament style lamps or a fitting other than e27 and gu10.

  • Shelly bulbs and switches (would post link but am not allowed to add more than 1) but i am not sure whether these can be flashed with Tasmota as i could only find this information for the Shelly 1. Does anyone with these devices know whether this is possible?


TUYA is basically move away from ESP that make it unflashable, unless you are planning to replace those chipset your self.

Next best thing is Athom which is like you said expensive.

Then you can always try sonoff which is flashable.

That is something that I know so far.

And ofcourse the shelly family :family_man_woman_boy:

For anyone looking for a reliable buy. I would recommend shelly product whole-heartedly. I just got my second shipment of devices and they are flashable OTA. No more guessing which devices still use old firmware for me :slight_smile: . I used to following tool to flash the devices at mass as well. For the e14 problem I bought some converter adapter (e27 to e14) and used the e27 bulbs.

Hope this helps anyone that is unsure whether a device they are trying to flash is flashable